Why can I edit a stranger's post?

As a new user, I was surprised to see that I have an Edit button (highlighted in the screenshot) on a PagerDuty employee’s post. Edit%20button%20on%20somebody%20else's%20pagerduty%20post

The FAQ seems to be more the rules of engagement than a technical FAQ, so I’m hoping somebody here can tell me…do all forum posts here become editable, wiki-style, or is there some way posters can control this? What are this community’s best practices for when to make the original post editable versus asking for responses in comments? Thank you!

Hey @maggie,

I made that post a wiki so that others could add to it but forgot to let @evelynchea know so she could add a note about that to her post. Whoops!

Wiki posts are editable by anybody, and full revision history is accessible by anybody. You can learn more about this feature and how to make wiki posts on Discourse Meta’s What is a Wiki Post?

We haven’t really used wiki posts for anything yet, so I went ahead and converted that particular post back to a regular non-wiki post. Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile: