Who created/updated/delete a thing?

We currently do not have a customer facing audit log. However, you can reach out to Support to find out who created/updated/deleted a thing in PagerDuty, as long as it happened within the last 90 days.


Will you be opening up audit logging to customers?

Our Compliance Officer is super keen to have this information, and it would be nice for Team Members to be able to validate actions taken on their Schedules, Escalation Policies and Services.


Thanks for bringing this up!
Adding audit log capabilities is something that is on the product roadmap. Could you share more details on your use cases here ?

You know Compliance Officers - they always want to know who changed what, and when.

Let’s assume you’re an on-call member. You were woken up last night for an alert, but you’re not really sure why - you thought you were supposed to be off-call. In the morning you check the Incident and yeah, maybe something changed overnight, but it all looks clean now. What happened? What state was it in last night when you got the escalation? Who changed it and when did they change it? What did they change? This could/should be implemented within the object scope, as you’re asking a context question.

Now let’s assume you’re the Compliance Office and you have to prepare a report to the auditors on how your alerting configuration is managed, who can make changes and who has made changes, and to what have they made changes? This should be a separate audit / change log that is exportable (preferably to PDF, as a fixed line report).


Also looking for this feature. Similar use case. The “user story” I emailed to support is basically:

As an “Account Owner” or “Global Admin” I want to access to an audit log of all configuration changes to objects indicating what was changed, when it was changed, and by which user.

This will provide clarity to team members participating in management of pagerduty objects, provide something usable for compliance officers as noted above, and allow us to delegate management of the system more freely because we can now “trust and verify”.

Additionally I relayed through support a need for a “Custom Roles” which will help in a similar way. Will search for that elsewhere in the forum, but the user story for that is basically…

As an “Account Owner” or “Global Admin”, I want to create “Custom Roles” based on a “Flexible Role” and additional permissions so I can assign multiple users a “Custom Role” without having to maintain identical permissions configurations for each individual user.

EDIT: I believe I missed some additional purposes of “Teams” which may solve at least some of my use case for “Custom Roles”.

Hi John,

We have an existing ticket open for you regarding this. We’ll reply back on that ticket. Thanks!

Would anybody be able to update the current status of this request? I’m very interested in it.

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Please update on this ticket. We definitely want this feature.

I’d like to also chime in saying that we’d like more visibility into this as well. Perhaps something only accessible to global admins would be the ticket.

Yep, this a requirement for any enterprise grade product. Please consider raising the priority on this.

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+1 for this feature! It’s really useful to know who did what, so that you can get a conversation started with the right person instead of spamming every member of your account.

+1 , I really need audit trail

+1 needed once more :slight_smile:

+1, because it would be tremendously useful.


This has been logged as a feature request with the Product Team to consider.


Hi, this feature is currently in Early Access and published in the public api here: https://developer.pagerduty.com/api-reference/reference/REST/openapiv3.json/paths/~1audit~1records/get

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