Whitelisting PagerDuty IPs

If you want to use our Events API for triggering, acknowledging, and resolving incidents, you will have to make sure that your system can make outbound connections to events.pagerduty.com

You’ll need to use TCP ports 80 (HTTP) or 443 (HTTPS, most commonly used).

You can find the IPs that events.pagerduty.com resolves to by running dig or nslookup. Here’s a sample query:
$ dig a +short events.pagerduty.com

Our REST API lives at .pagerduty.com or api.pagerduty.com. For security reasons, it only allows HTTPS connections, so always use TCP port 443. You can run the same commands dig or nslookup to resolve the IPs for it as well.

Current webhook IPs can be obtained by making an HTTP GET request to https://app.pagerduty.com/webhook_ips

Do note, that IPs can and do change from time to time. If you want to make sure you update your whitelist whenever that happens, here’s a handy-dandy script to get updates for for A records changing.