Which rate limit of REST API is correct

I’m looking into how much REST API rate limiting is.

Then, I found two descriptions for it.

  1. API document
  2. Reply comment from a support on the forum

Could you tell me which is correct?


Thanks for reaching out on our Community space! We have a REST and an Events API, each with different limits:

  1. Events - 120/min (enforced per-integration-key)
  2. REST - 900/min (enforced at the account level)

API requests that exceed the API rate limit will return different HTTP status codes depending on which API you are using. REST v2 API will return a 429 code, and our v1 Events API will return a 403 code.

Hope this helps clarify things, please let me know if not or if you have any further questions.


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Thank you for replying. I got it.