What topics do you follow the best blogs on?

This was originally an internal email thread, but I’d like to find out what your must-read blogs in your RSS feed on a specific topic. (I love SMBC, but it’s hardly on topic)

The topic I do a lot of reading on is how do businesses think? (especially about buying SaaS:

What are you passionate about that I should start doing the reading on?


Daily “must reads” for me include:

  • For engineering management, Rands In Repose often has invaluable advice.
  • Finding out all of the different ways threat models are evolving through Krebs on Security is both fascinating and depressing.
  • I really enjoy The Morning Paper, it’s a great curation of academic papers of interest.
  • Wait But Why publishes sparsely, but always has interesting content.

I usually just talk to our customers and ask how they do things! I love to hear how they solved a certain business process or which hurdles they are currently encountering. It helps to know I am not alone at times and we can leverage our knowledge.

If you want to know about Business Ops, Billings, BI best practice don’t be shy to ask me.

2 great posts that @dshack found: