What’s New: Updates to Event Intelligence, On-Call Management, Automation, Mobile, and More!

Read about the PagerDuty’s January 2022 Product Updates.

View product demos, catch a glimpse of our new products, and learn more about how you can:

  • Better control the noise and reduce the amount of manual event processing across your systems with powerful Event Intelligence
  • Improve Automation security with several recent Rundeck Releases.
  • Reduce responder burnout, ensure that responders are always available to address critical incidents quickly and more effectively with improved On-Call Management capabilities
  • View critical context and access important incident response features via the latest updates to PagerDuty’s Mobile App
  • View product demos of our PagerDuty App for ServiceNow and a recap of our Event Intelligence capabilities from 2021 from our Webinars & Events
  • Learn from peers in the industry about how to integrate PagerDuty with Rundeck and Lacework over Twitch Streams

Enjoy the following new product updates and enhancements:

  1. Solution Guides
  • Check out the Solution Guides we’ve shared that help teams like marketing, sales, finance, human resources use PagerDuty to handle critical business functions.
  1. Event Intelligence
  • Event Orchestration - Cut down on the noise and manual event processing of events to improve operational efficiency and reduce toil. Create custom logic to enrich, modify, and control the routing of events to the right teams based on event conditions. Combine nested event rules with machine learning and targeted automation to trigger actions, including diagnostic and remediation actions.
  1. On-Call Management
  • Round Robin Scheduling - Now generally available, Round Robin Scheduling allows teams to equitably distribute on-call shift responsibilities amongst multiple team members.

View the demo

  1. Automation
  • Rundeck 3.4.7, 3.4.8, 3.4.9, and 3.4.10 Releases - Check out the new HashiCorp Vault Plugin, enhanced security (Spring Security bumped from 5.1.11 to 5.2), updated Log4J to 2.17.0, and Password Reset.
  1. Incident Response
  • Mobile Incident Details Refresh - enjoy the new and improved mobile incident details screen that provides easier access to all of your favorite features - run a play, add a priority or note, post a status update, and more with the new carousel!
  1. Product Deprecations

Note our planned product deprecations:

  • March 31, 2022 - Webhooks V2 will be replaced by Webhooks V3 which is now generally available.