What are the possible time zone values supported by the API? I am using EST in the api headers but does it work?

I am trying to create a report based on EST Time zones but it seems i am getting more data then requested above the dates.
I am using since and until and timezone set as EST.

To add to this… I am setting my dates between jan 27 and jan 30… but i don’t get the incidents for 30th until i change the until to 31st. Then I see the incidents which were created on 30th.

Hi Harsh,

Thanks for reaching out!

Our system supports Time Zones in the tzdata format, and you can find a list here. Note that EST isn’t valid, you would instead use America/New_York.

Could you please give that a try and let us know the results? Feel free to provide us with the equivalent cURL statement (with sensitive information redacted) and we’d be happy to take a look as well.


Alex Engelmann
Technical Support Specialist