Webhook V3 not returning Alerts

I’m trying to convert a V2 Custom Webhook handler to V3 but the new payload doesn’t contain alerts and consequently the alert_key (dedupe key) for incidents .

We publish alarms as incident alerts from our SMARTset system to PagerDuty and set the dedupe key on the alert. We allow users to acknowledge them either in SMARTset or PagerDuty and we sync the systems by using the alert_key in the V2 Webhook payload. There dosn’t seem to be a concept for this in V3.

I’ve tried using Custom Data but that isn’t returned in the V3 payload either. Am I doing something wrong?

Unfortunately, this is not available in Webhooks v3 yet. If this is something you require, please continue to use v2 webhooks until available in v3.

Thanks Doug, I cant quite figure out how anyone wouldn’t need this otherwise it makes the V3 non-functional and definitely not a replacement for V2. I don’t even get an ID of the Alert that has been acknowledged/resolved so I can’t make a RESTful API call to go and get the detail.
I’ll await more features for V3 :slight_smile: