webhook v3 missing custom data from incidents present in v2 webhooks

Hi PD team,

I’ve been using an webhook integration, that takes v2 webhooks, extracts the integration_key field, which I use to cross-reference the webhook to the related incident/event. I set the integration_key in the eventsv2 API call creating an incident (as it’s used by PD for deduplication of events, I also need it to back reference).

the v3 webhook does not include this important reference. I’ve no way to correlate an event I create via the events API (the system that creates the event, is stateless and doesn’t keep whatever is returned from the API), and any v3 webhooks received.

hoping you can add this field back into the incident data type.

Hi Chris,

This is Sarah from the PagerDuty support team. Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer this functionality. However, I would love to gather more information.

Can you please email us at support@pagerduty.com so we can understand your use case further?


Sarah McFadyen
Technical Support Specialist

Please ensure your company’s name is associated with a feature enhancement for this issue.
It’s a critical decision on whether you should use webhook v3 or continue with webhook v2 based on your use case needs. You may also find that the raw event/alert data isn’t included in the webhook v3 trigger event types, as it is in v2.