Webhook V2 & V3 - Logs

Hi All,

Hi Team,

I have integrated the PagerDuty incidents with our Service Desk Plus. The integration was working fine till yesterday 3:24 PM IST. After that, no tickets are getting triggered from PagerDuty to our ITSM tool.

I want to review what is the issue and am unable to capture the logs. I want to understand how we can capture V2 and V3 webhook logs to verify the issue with PagerDuty or with Service Desk Plus.

I tried updating Webhook V2 and Webhook V3 by deleting and recreating them. None of them work.

Let know if you can help me how this can be validated.


Hello Shyam,

If you can send this to support@pagerduty.com with more account-specific information and links to the webhooks that are no longer working we can take a look at this. As this is a community forum its not advisable to share that information here.


John O’Donnell
Team Lead, EMEA Support@pagerduty.com

Are your webhooks getting disabled?

Good Afternoon,

We have the same problem, I have built a custom integration between our ServiceNow instance and PagerDuty, its not live yet but we have noticed that the v3 webhooks keep getting disabled saying it hasn’t been able to reach the instance which I know isn’t true as tickets are getting created and updated.

Was you able to pin down the problem? are we meant to reply back to PagerDuty with a response if it arrived?

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Ashley - are you seeing SN send a response back to PD within 5 seconds? Might turn up some logging/tracing and ensure that this is happening. In our experience, busy SN environments can take some time to process things and since you’re building something custom with v3 you’re in new territory for sure.

Hi Doug,

Thank you for the response, I should check back here more often for replies.

What kind of response does it require? does it need to be part of the rest message?

Here is a copy of one of our rest messages being sent and then process the results

//build & send REST message
try {
    r = new sn_ws.RESTMessageV2(rmess, action);
    r.setStringParameter('id', current.x_pd_integration_incident);
    r.setStringParameter('priority_id', priority_id);
    r.setStringParameter('email', gs.getProperty('pagerduty_service_account'));
    r.setStringParameter('token', gs.getProperty('pagerduty_token'));

    response = r.execute(); //Might throw exception if http connection timed out or some issue with sending request itself because of encryption/decryption of password.
    responseBody = response.haveError() ? response.getErrorMessage() : response.getBody();
    httpstatus = response.getStatusCode();
} catch (ex) {
    responseBody = ex.getMessage();
} finally {
    requestBody = r ? r.getRequestBody() : null;

//process REST response
if (response.haveError() == false) {
    current.work_notes = "PagerDuty has been updated successfully";

Any pointers would be great

Kind Regards


Did you ever find out if there’s any kind of logging for webhooks? Our webhook is active, but sometimes sends 3 times, sometimes none. This is very unreliable and it’s difficult to prove that the problem is PD when there’s no evidence that the webhook even fired. We are calling an Azure function that has logs but shows no evidence of PD even making the call within an our of the event happening in PD.