Webhook about Maintenance Windows [solved]

Good day PagerDuty Community,

I have a question about Webhook Configuration. I cannot find the answer in the documentation if it’s possible to be informed via webhook when the engineer scheduled a maintenance window and via webhook that the maintenance window started/ended.

Is it possible?

Best regards,
Mariusz Zalewski

Hi Mr. Zalewski,
I think the best way to cover this case will be to send a webhook that send POST request(keep in mind that “end_time” is required so maybe a 24h default is better) , and the end of the pipeline DELETE request that will end the maintenance
Keep in mind also that you have to hold the ID from the webhook response from the POST Request for reference to send the DELETE

Hope it helps
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Avner Azoulay

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Hi Mariusz. The maintenance windows feature doesn’t have additional downstream actions attached to it, so there’s no default way to create a workflow or other notification by default.

I’ve done some fiddling around with getting hold of maintenance windows and posting them in Slack, which might give you some ideas for a more custom solution for your team: https://community.ops.io/pdcommunity/pagerduty-garage-walkthrough-showing-maintenance-windows-in-slack-1c65


Thank you, @avner.azoulay and @mandi.walls. Both of your replies are valuable to me.

Have a good day!

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