WebCal/VCal publish should mark events as “Free” not “Busy”

It’s very annoying that if I include my PD schedule in my Google calendar, it shows me as “busy” whenever I’m on call, and tells people they can’t schedule meetings with me due to a conflict. As nice as it might be to have fewer meetings, I’d really like my PD events marked as “Free”.

I notice that this was requested before, in /forum/t/webcal-vcal-publish-should-mark-events-as-free-not-busy/1465; the response in April was “we plan to make some improvements to PagerDuty schedules later this year”, I’d like to add my vote to prioritize fixing this.


Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your feedback! I’d be happy to add your vote to that request.


Conversely, I NEED to be able to mark my on call shifts as busy so that customers do not schedule calls during those times. Can this not be configured?