webcal feed does not include overrides

I’ve followed the instructions at https://support.pagerduty.com/docs/schedules-in-apps and have the schedule calendar displaying in Outlook. However, the feed includes only Schedule Layer 1 and does not include the overrides. This makes it less useful to see who is actually on call.

Is this a known issue or have I configured it incorrectly?

Hey Ed,

Can you share which third party calendar you imported your schedule with? Also, have you tried regenerating the feed? If not, can you give that a try and let us know if the overrides show up for you?


Nadia Simmons
Technical Support Specialist
PagerDuty Support

For the record I had this same issue and regenerating the feed worked for me. (Though that link didn’t work, I found instructions here: https://support.pagerduty.com/docs/schedules-in-apps#reset-your-personal-calendar-feed-urls)

However, it would be great if the feed just auto-updated. It was annoying to have to re-subscribe to the updated urls.