Video AMA: Chaos Engineering with Ana Medina

Our next guest for the PagerDuty Community AMA is Ana Medina!


Ana is currently working as a Chaos Engineer at Gremlin, helping companies avoid outages by running proactive chaos engineering experiments. She last worked at Uber where she was an engineer on the SRE and Infrastructure teams specifically focusing on chaos engineering and cloud computing. Catch her tweeting at @Ana_M_Medina mostly about traveling, diversity in tech, and mental health.

How This Works

Post your questions to Ana in this thread - we’ll collect them up and Ana will answer them in a live-stream video on January 29. Questions should be posted no later than Friday, January 25. You can also tweet your questions for Ana to us via our twitter handle, @pagerduty. Please use the hashtag #pagerdutyama.

In addition to your questions about Ana’s experiences, we encourage you to interpret “AMA” as “Ask My Advice”!

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Hi Ana. I have been on multiple projects and customers where Chaos Monkey is discussed or floated and there is great interest and conversation, but once it comes time to actually run it people get scared. Objections slip out and it becomes a game of “but what if (data is corrupted, a customer is impacted, the very important person becomes upset)”. Have you faced these objections and how have you overcome them?

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Howdy Ana!

  • What has been your favorite public, or open source project to inject chaos into, so far?
  • What have you found most effective to prevent burnout from being on-call or on several intensive projects over a short amount of time?
  • What are your most favorite things to instrument when you’re building up observability for teams that don’t normally have it in place?
  • Who is your favorite person (or favorite people) within the technical community?
  • Do you have any funny stories about when you’ve injected chaos into everyday life? :slight_smile:
  • What have you found as the most difficult thing to inject chaos into?
  • What are you most excited about in the Chaos Engineering space for 2019?
  • Are there any conferences you’re looking forward to, this year?
  • If you weren’t working in the technical space, what other job might you have had in another life?
  • Is there anything that you have been dreaming of doing for a long time, and might do this year?
  • What are you interested in learning at the moment?

Hi Ana,

When we talk about Chaos Engineering experiments, we usually focus on dependency failure injection - do you see techniques like fuzzing (the original Monkey Testing!), or other techniques from the traditional program analysis toolkit as being extendable to Chaos Engineering at a different level?

Are there other non-infrastructure areas that you see as good fits for Chaos techniques?

Where is the link to the live stream?

The live stream is running!

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