V3 Webhook to support multiple service selection

Hi, will it be possible to add multiple service selection when creating V3 webhooks?
We have multiple services, belonging to different teams, and I’d like to add signature verification. But it’s quite tough to store and pass multiple secrets to our webhook handler. It will be great to have one webhook, with one secret, which could be shared by different, explicitly selected, services.

Hi Artem,

Thanks for reaching out! I checked in with our engineering team, and they let us know that if you’re ok getting webhook events for the entire account, we could have you setup one subscription (account level scope) and filter out based on services/teams you wants on your end.

That would mean one subscription and one signing secret, but if that isn’t feasible, the engineering team hasn’t planned currently for multiple selection. In that case, I would be happy to file a feature request for your use case!

Let us know!

It’s possible to do an account-level subscription, but we have incidents coming from different sources (e.g. check_mk, alertmanager, cloudwatch) and we’d like to only handle check_mk incidents. Handling events from all incidents will cause significant load on our webhook handler + will require some refactoring.

But thanks anyway, most likely I’ll just wait for a custom headers support :slight_smile:

Hi Artem,

Not a worry. Please keep an eye out on the PagerDuty What’s New page
for details regarding that.

Kind regards,

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