Using events v2 on a developer account. Can't find the incidents.

I’ve done some API work before, and/but I am working through the Pagerduty University 201 course to fill in any gaps in my experience.

Trying to use postman and the events API to create an incident.

“payload”: {
“summary”: “Wake Up!! test”,
“severity”: “critical”,
“source”: “postman”
“routing_key”: “1a9a”,
“event_action”: “trigger”

I get a 202 response, but I can’t find the incident in the web gui.
“status”: “success”,
“message”: “Event processed”,
“dedup_key”: “b68790baf2fa46f8b675f9226e27a732”

Are the incidents lost? or where are they?
I don’t think they are filtered in my web interface.


Hi Bill,

Thanks for reaching out to us about this.

Could you please email support directly at regarding this?