Users api is only returning 5 users

Hi Team,

I am trying to call the users api I am getting the response but only getting 5 users out of 320 (out of which 1 has left org and not in PD anymore) & even in the response I am getting ‘more’: False. Whats the way to get the full list of users ? Thanks in advance.

Hi Ketan,

Thanks for reaching out on our community page. To start, I would review what calls you are making and ensure there are no filters on something like Teams etc. however if this is not the case, I would suggest open a ticket with as your calls would contain sensitive information not suitable for a public page.


John O’Donnell
Team Lead, EMEA

By default you should pull back the first 25, so only getting 5 doesn’t sound right. This is controlled by passing the limit parameter, where you can configure pulling back up to 100 users.

Do you have a non-prod or sandbox instance? If so, make sure you are using the correct API key. If you are using a sandbox instance API key, you are going to get returns for that instance, and not production.