User Onboarding Report

The new User Onboarding Report is something we had been looking for, and it’s very helpful during discussions on adoption, and license usage.

For license usage in particular, it would be even more helpful to have an Actor column that could be toggled on (fig. 1) that would show who had created (invited) a given user shown in the report detail, as could be seen from Audit Trail Reporting at the user-level (fig. 2).

The organizational structure is such that there are more than a handful of users (over 10) with privileges to create/invite other users.

figure 1: User Onboarding Report

figure 2: (User) Audit Trail Reporting

Hey @vn,

I’m glad to know you’re enjoying exploring the User Onboarding Report. I’m also happy to hear your feedback and want to tell you that I’ve added your suggestion to the feature request platform that PD product teams use to base roadmaps on. :rocket:

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