Use RegEx in Salesforce PagerDuty Configuration Rules

We are trying to use RegEx to compare field values to trigger a PD incident via Rules from Salesforce.

What is the right way of putting rules in Rulesets?

e.g. If the region contains 3 or 4. Tried using [3|4], ([3|4]), /[3|4]

Please share if you know already.

Hello Nishant,

Can you perhaps try using [1|2] again? This does seem to work in my instance. In my testing using 1 and 2 in the description created an incident, but not 3. See attached screenshots:

Hi Nishant,

If this doesn’t work let’s troubleshoot tomorrow. Martin and I are available to help.


Hi Scott,

For our scenario, we are checking if the region is 3 OR 4 we need to route it to a technical service whereas 1 and 2 are independently linked to their respective technical service already.