Update Conference Bridge Settings from API


Currently we have integrated a Servicenow instance with PagerDuty and we need to update the conference bridge settings on a service or on an incident because the bridge can change depending on some values on the Servicenow incident , is there a way to thoroug the PagerDuty API?

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At the moment, updating the conference bridge settings via the API is not possible, however I’d be happy to submit this as a feature request. Can you please tell me a bit more about your use case so I can share it with the product team? You mentioned the bridge can change based on some values in the ServiceNow incident. Are you perhaps looking to write a script that updates the conference bridge based on those values?


Yes, that is what I need, currently we have 3 possible bridges for P1 or P2 incident, those are assigned to the Major Incident Management group on Servicenow that is mapped to the Major Incident Management Service on PagerDuty, then if that team has 2 or 3 tickets at the same time different team member has to handle those incidents and they cannot share the same bridge, hence we need the ability to select the bridge to use.

we really appreciate if you can submit it as a feature request and let me know if it is added.

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Thank you for the further explanation! It’s very helpful for our product team to hear why a particular feature is important to our customers. I’ll go ahead and submit this feature request so our product team can take a look.

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