Unusual implementation: TicketDuty

Every year, I try to make it to PAX West. And every year, the tickets sell out in a matter of minutes. So for the past few years, a couple of us in PagerDuty have set up a service and escalation policy to get notified whenever there are changes to the website. Here’s this year’s script, which has been set up on cron to run once a minute (cleaned up a touch for posting):

curl -s http://west.paxsite.com | grep "PAX West 2017 Registration is not yet open" 2>&1 > /dev/null

if [[ $? != 0 ]]
  curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
   -X POST \
   -d '{"service_key": "DONT_PUBLISH_YOUR_SERVICE_KEYS","event_type": "trigger","description": "PAX West Website Has Changed","details": {},"client": "PAX Site","client_url": "http://west.paxsite.com","contexts":[]}' \

It could be better (additional retries / backoff if the site is down, for example), but gets the job done.


That’s fantastic Eric!

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Thanks for sharing! I’m going to take this and use it to monitor at least one vendor site. :grin: