Unactionable incident?


I’m becoming more acquainted with the Intelligent Dashboard feature. The Incident List for my team contains a column called “Unactionable”. I’m unclear at this point as to what criteria PagerDuty is using to determine this on a per-incident level.

Internally, we use the Jira integration, and use the presence of an accompanying Jira issue to determine whether an incident was actionable or not, which can be a bit of a manual endeavor to analyze. However, if there’s a better, more automated way of determining this, I’m game. I just need to know how it’s determined. Anyone know?


Hi Ryan: An unactionable incident is defined one that is resolved within two minutes. Typically this is because it was triggered off some condition that was transient & resolved itself without human intervention.

Hope that helps.

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Suggestion…why not call this nonactionable, or self-resolving? Unactionable sounds like you “can’t” perform any action, as opposed to “no need to take action”. The verbiage is a bit misleading.

Hi Ryan and Bryan:
As Julian mentioned, we currently mark incidents that are resolved within 120 seconds as unactionable. These could be auto resolved or resolved by a responder. I like the ‘no need to take action’ approach. Will make sure to look at alternatives when we tackle updates to the intelligent dashboards.

Thank you.

Thanks for the explanation. Actually, I went to look at the data again, and it looks like the Unactionable column is no longer in the Intelligent Dashboard Incident List. Was it removed?

Hi Ryan,
Yes, the Unactionable column was removed because the use-case that required it was also removed.
Thank you.