Unacknowledge an incident through the API

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I’m using the PagerDuty API to build a script, and I’d like to be able to unacknowledged an incident. Essentially I’d like to perform the same action as clicking the big ‘Unacknowledge’ button in the PagerDuty web UI. Is this possible with the REST API? I can’t seem to find the documentation on it.



Hello Chris,

So the current update options for an Incident via the Rest API are Acknowledge, resolve, escalate or reassign.
However, I will raise your ask internally as a Feature Request.

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I 2nd this request.
But using the plugin for JIRA Service Management.

The use case is, When a SEV 1 JIRA incident with a status of ‘Awaiting Customer’ is updated by the customer, It goes into ‘Agent Review’ status, as this is a SEV 1 it should also be unacknowledge in PagerDuty so that the agent knows they need to take further action

3rd on this request

Need to be able to unacknowledged incidents in pagerduty from JIRA to ensure agents know to take further actions


Thanks for that. This has been raised a Feature Request with the Product Team.

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