Unable to rename or remove a PD services

Renaming a particular PD service fails with the following error:

“Invalid value for alert_grouping or account is not eligible to turn it on for this service.”

The Alert Grouping tags says:

" Please contact our Sales Team if you would like to upgrade to a plan with this feature suite"

I’m guessing that the PD service was probably created at some stage when the feature was available, now it’s not and PD won’t let me rename the service.

If I try to to delete the service, nothing happens. That is I get the usual advisory before deletion:

" Are you sure you want to delete this service? Events received on this service’s integrations will no longer create incidents."

There is no error when I confirm deletion is ok, but the PD service is not removed.

Hi @WhyDoesItDoThat, I believe I was able to track down the issue here and it is unique to your account. It looks like it was due to a feature not being fully removed following your trial.

We have made a change that should allow you to edit or delete this service again. If you continue to see issues with this, please send us an email at support@pagerduty.com with the details and we would be happy to investigate further.

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