Unable to get incidents via webhook v3

I am trying to integrate PagerDuty with Google Chat and Zapier.

But when I add webhook and create a test incident I am not receiving any requests to neither google chat nor zapier.

Thank you for raising a support ticket for this, Balaji! Let’s discuss this specific case using the ticket, but worth noting that some of the resources on our webhook behaviour may be helpful when troubleshooting any issues with this functionality.


It’s most likely that Google Chat and Zapier do not understand the PagerDuty Webhook v3 format. You may need to perform transformations “in the middle” prior to these webhooks reaching and being accepted in those endpoints.

Off-topic for this thread, but I recommend rotating Google Chat API keys as there apparently are credentials visible in the above screen shot.

Hi Balaji did you manage to make it works?

I am failing using webhooks v3 too with my own http server but also tried with https://beeceptor.com/ to mock an endpoint but webhook always fails.

Jonathan - are you saying you’re unable to send webhook v3 to beeceptor? Might try webhook.site as a quick test.

Thanks after deleting and creating again the webhooks everything works. (beeceptor, webhook.site and my own endpoint)

It may have been disabled due to too many failures!

Hi Balaji,
Did you manage to send pagerduty alerts/incidents to google chat ?