Unable to edit Account Owner via API or Terraform

It looks like the API is broken.

Specifically, it looks like making changes to the account owner user using a full access API token is broken.

I have confirmed this by importing the account owner via Terraform and making edits to the user. It fails with “PUT API call to https://api.pagerduty.com/users/ failed 403 Forbidden. Code: 2010, Errors: , Message: Access Denied”

There is also this issue in Github, confirming that others are seeing the same thing:

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Hey, Risto!

This 403 error is expected behavior, since the account owner’s profile can not be updated as their account shouldn’t be accessible to anyone for updates. If you pull the personal REST API token from the account owner themselves, you will be able to edit the Account Owner’s details.



Thanks for the reply

It looks like creating personal REST API tokens is dependent on “Advanced Permissions”, which is a “Business” level feature.

Your pricing page indicates that “Unlimited Open and Flexible APIs” (https://v2.developer.pagerduty.com/) are available in the Free tier.

I can totally understand having fine grained permissions and team based organizing as a paid feature, but I don’t think full API access should be tied to this feature.

I hope you would consider making personal API tokens available in the “Free” tier to fulfil the promise of unlimited API access.

As it stands, “Free” and “Professional” levels do not have full API access, because as you said, there are some things you simply cannot do without personal API tokens.

This is quite confusing, misleading and ultimately disappointing.

Hi Risto,

Thank you for your feedback, I have relayed it to our Pricing and Marketing department.

Unlimited API access refers to the fact that you’re not rate limited (based on your plan). Not unlimited in the sense of being able to access everything. It’s there to differentiate from some of our competitors who have different limits based on the type of plan you are on.


Alex Engelmann
Technical Support Specialist