Unable to contact PagerDuty Support?


Curious if anyone else in the community has had trouble getting in touch with PagerDuty support recently. I have a ticket submitted over 3 weeks ago with no response, and one submitted over 1 week ago with no response. I’ve tried calling both phone numbers that I’ve seen published (1-844-700-DUTY and 1-844-800-DUTY) and both either just ring to infinity or go directly to voicemail.

Hey, Nick, yes, I’m having the same problem.

I opened a support case yesterday, received an email saying it was opened and they’d be in touch, but no one reached out.

I opened a support case this morning asking about the first case – again, no response.

I called my account exec – straight to voicemail.

I emailed support@pagerduty.com, no response.

I emailed my account exec, no response.

I emailed her again several hours later – she’d turned on her out-of-office auto-reply for the weekend with a note that says if help is needed to email support@pagerduty.com.

I called the support number 2x – goes straight to voicemail.

I added sales@pagerduty.com to the email thread a few minutes ago, no response their either.

I even tried calling the numbers I could find on Google Maps for office locations – still went straight to voicemail.

Just an update – my account exec (not support) came back into the office on Monday and started communicating about the issue, but the actual support team has provided zero response.

The account exec noted that there is no SLA for “standard success” support ticket response time and used that as an opportunity to pitch premium support.

So…apparently the options are “no support” (aka “standard success”) and “1-hour support” (aka “premium success”).

Dropping this here in hopes it’s helpful to others considering whether/how to purchase Pagerduty services. This won’t be enough to justify my spending time replacing them with another vendor, but it’s certainly enough to open the door to those conversations moving forward.