UIM integration not working

Hi there,

I’m trying to link pagerduty up to our UIM installation but am failing on step 9.5 of this guide: https://www.pagerduty.com/docs/guides/ca-uim-integration-guide/

The pagerdutygtw logs show (with my ID redacted):

Nov 18 14:40:00:633 [main, pagerdutygtw]  ****************[ Starting ]****************
Nov 18 14:40:00:634 [main, pagerdutygtw] 1.018
Nov 18 14:40:00:634 [main, pagerdutygtw] PagerDuty, Inc. Copyright 2021
Nov 18 14:40:00:649 [main, pagerdutygtw] port=48005
Nov 18 14:40:00:673 [main, pagerdutygtw] Only restricted security available, no login
Nov 18 14:40:30:799 [Thread-0, pagerdutygtw] Context Path: /pd
Nov 18 14:40:30:799 [Thread-0, pagerdutygtw] Webapp Path: srvr/pagerduty
Nov 18 14:40:30:799 [Thread-0, pagerdutygtw] Listen Port: 2082
Nov 18 14:40:30:847 [Thread-0, pagerdutygtw] Loading admin (com.pagerduty.probe.endpoints.ProbeAdmin) /admin/*
Nov 18 14:40:30:848 [Thread-0, pagerdutygtw] Loading services (com.pagerduty.probe.endpoints.Services) /services/*
Nov 18 14:40:30:848 [Thread-0, pagerdutygtw] Loading root (inc.morsecode.core.Gateway) /*
Nov 18 14:40:30:848 [Thread-0, pagerdutygtw] Starting HTTP Server
Nov 18 14:40:32:232 [Thread-0, pagerdutygtw] Must configure probe with API credentials before it will function, refer to the Probe User Guide.
Nov 18 14:41:34:304 [nimclient, pagerdutygtw] API Check <==> services.list [
Nov 18 14:41:34:312 [nimclient, pagerdutygtw] HTTP GET https://api.pagerduty.com/services?offset=0&limit=25 HTTP/1.1
Nov 18 14:41:35:307 [nimclient, pagerdutygtw] HTTP 401 Unauthorized
Nov 18 14:41:35:309 [nimclient, pagerdutygtw] ]
Nov 18 14:41:35:310 [nimclient, pagerdutygtw] HTTP GET https://api.pagerduty.com/users/xxxxxxx HTTP/1.1
Nov 18 14:41:35:491 [nimclient, pagerdutygtw] HTTP 401 Unauthorized
Nov 18 14:41:35:491 [nimclient, pagerdutygtw] Error getting User Information for user=xxxxxxx
Nov 18 14:41:35:492 [nimclient, pagerdutygtw] Invalid User Information: xxxxxxx [null]

It’s version 1.020 (even though the log shows 1.018).


Hi Steve,

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you please email us directly at support@pagerduty.com so we can look at your account and potentially share more sensitive information about which API key and user is being queried?

From looking at the integration guide and your logs, it seems your API key was not added to CA UIM, resulting in the 401 you’re seeing, but again I’d like to take a closer look once I know which key is being used.


Alex Engelmann
Technical Support Specialist

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the response. Emai sent!

Kind regards,