TypeScript types for writing App Event Transformers - do they exist?


I’m wondering - are there TypeScript types available for writing App Event Transformers, to perform type-checking while writing these transformers locally?

I’ve been writing a transformer in TypeScript to provide some additional functionality over the built-in Stackdriver / Google Cloud Monitoring integration (namely to implement dynamic incident severity, and to fill out more of the CEF fields from Stackdriver incident data).

I see that some type declarations (ex. EventPayloadV2) are available in the PDJS library:
pdjs/events.ts at main · PagerDuty/pdjs (github.com)

But I haven’t found a type declaration for this PD object:
Writing App Event Transformers | PagerDuty Developer Documentation

Does one exist anywhere?

Also, it seems that the routing_key is a required parameter of EventPayloadV2 in the PDJS library, whereas it is not a required parameter when submitting an event to PD in an app event transformer:

So I’m not really able to use that EventPayloadV2 type either :frowning:

Hi Ben,

Did you ever get anywhere with this task? Any working examples??