Trigger incident from Windows server via Bat/Powershell script

Question 1:
I am in a trial period here with Pager Duty. I am trying to integrate a critical operations platform (Broadcom Automic) and I see there is not an integration currently, so I have been looking for a way to trigger an incident via a Powershell script or Bat script. i have email integration working for this service/platform, but because this is such a critical system, we can not rely completely on email working and need to be able to trigger an incident directly from the application, hence BAT/PS script. Automic has the ability to run a BAT file, Powershell script, or executable when it detects a job failure. I have looked a bit into the API, but it has bene many ears since I have programmed in either Java or Python, so am unsure really where to start.

Question 2:
Most of the integrations I’ve looked through are heavily on the Unix side. We have Windows servers as well. Have I missed the windows integrations?

Any insight to either of those questions would be greatly appreciated.


Here’s an example of a PS script that may get you started with sending events into PagerDuty:\Send-PagerDutyEvent.ps1

Thank you Doug! I will take a look!