Trigger alert when it happen two times in 5 minues

We team want to make a solution in PagerDuty
We already set up integration service with LogDNA.

When a alert which match condition happen in 1st time, it will not become incident.
When this alert happen again in 5 mins, it will trigger a incident and assign to on call person.

How to get that?

And before post this topic, i try set up by below, but it does not works
It still trigger incident 2 times

Hey Vicky! It looks like you’re using Global Event Rules to use threshold alerting, however, the alert doesn’t seem to be sent through the global key located in Configuration > Event Rules > Incoming Event Source. You will need to send this using the global key in order to have the event parse through the rules. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at

what is global key?


I can see you have a Zendesk ticket regarding this issue which the Support Team has responded to. But this Community Post would need to withdrawn as there are details specific to your account has been exposed. Please do come back to you via the zendesk ticket.


I have a question
Whether pager duty support " Suppressing until more than 1 alerts received within 5 minutes" function for service integration key with integration type is :LogDNA
Or it just a function for global api event integration key

Hi Vicky,

Thresholds as an action will be supported in an upcoming update to Service Event Rules. Stay Tuned!


Hi @vicky

We are happy to announce that our Service Event Rules API is Generally Available. You can find the CRUD Calls nested in the Services Endpoint:

This includes the ability to create a service event rule that manages a threshold action.{id}~1rules/post
Terraform support will be added soon. Check our terraform provider release notes for updates.