Tracking New Users


I am on a team managing the PagerDuty instance at my company. When we add new users the current process is that we invite them from an admin account. We do this to control the amount of licenses we give out.

Recently we have noticed that there are some new users being added that my team has not invited. Is there a way to trace how the user was added? For example, if a user was invited, then by who. Or track the API calls made from a specific api key? I do not see a way of doing this through the API.


Hello Neil,

There is no customer facing way to trace this but has there been any changes around Schedules and Esacalation Policies on those teams? This would be a reason why these users are appearing on the Team.


If you have an integration with ServiceNow, this could be adding users automatically based on how it has been configured.

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