Too Many Contact Method Actions: An error has occurred. Contact methods cannot be modified at this time.

I added 3 contact methods on a user account and switched 2 of the 3 to something else. So i made about 5 contact method changes and now I can not make any changes at all. Is there some sort of limit on how many contacts I can create? Seems too aggressive if making 5 changes locks me out…

2 hours later still blocked from changing contact methods. Will see how it is after 24 hours.

Hi Kiril,

Thanks for reaching out!

There is a maximum of 10 contact-method actions per day to prevent potential misuse. If you’ve made enough changes to reach the threshold, you’ll need to wait 24 hours before the application lets you continue.

You can read more in our Knowledge Base here:,and%20try%20again

If you don’t believe you made that many edits or continue to have issues please email to raise a support ticket so we can follow up.


Thanks! I will need to check how my 5 changes have been 10 requests to trigger this

Hi Kiril,

Happy to follow up on that for you,

could you please submit a ticket to so we can grab some more information from you outside of this public forum?

We can investigate further from there.