Tips for not waking a SO while on-call

What are some tools and practices for being on-call and not waking up a significant other at night?

I’ve been trying to keep my phone on vibrate but against a hard surface so that it creates a low, consistent noise. My Fitbit should also be vibrating but it hasn’t been getting me up.

If you have an Android phone, there are some smartwatches out there that have stronger vibrating motors.

If your SO sleeps with a eye mask on, you could rig up a flashing light to wake you up (if that sort of thing would actually wake you up).

Or you could go for a low-tech solution and sleep in another room.

Flashing lights to the rescue

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I wonder if alerts come through on the SleepPhones - I used to have a pair and slept with them every night to fall asleep listening to ebooks - if alerts come through on them, you could have them on (they’re VERY comfortable to sleep in) and voila.

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My fitbit was too unreliable - my other half is a terrible light sleeper, and when the fitbit did go off, it would still wake her.
I switched to an Apple watch, I’ve set the PagerDuty number to VIP and bypass do not disturb, and set this number to have a silent ring tone - this works seamlessly! I’ve set it to alert via SMS noisily if it gets to within 2 minutes of escalating to the next level, I’m yet to have that happen AND it doesn’t wake the light sleeper at all.