The State of Digital Operations Report 2021

We all know that 2020 saw increased pressure on digital services across industries but by how much?

PagerDuty ingests an average of 30M events per day across the platform and filters them into 1M alerts, 500,000 interruptions, and about 55,000 critical incidents. Our data science team looked at our platform data from over 16,000 companies to see how things like incident count, alert noise, and interruptions were trending in 2020 vs. 2019. Here is a preview of what we saw:

  • From 2019 to 2020, we saw a 19% year-over-year growth in critical incidents.
  • Users experienced 9% more off-hour interruptions and 5% more business hour interruptions
  • Over a third of users worked less consistent hours in 2020 than in 2019, the equivalent of two extra hours per day. That’s significant, adding up to nearly 12 extra weeks worked in the course of a year!
  • Overworked and burned out responders are bearing the bulk of non-working hour interruptions, with some facing 10x the number of interruptions than the median.

To learn more about how incidents affected business, operational, and team health in 2021, download the report today.

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This Statistics make sense about the state of digital Ops 2K21

Thank you for share and good information.

Looking forward to next year’s report with Automation playing a part in reducing MTTR and enabling first responders to remediate incidents.

Thanks for the information

Thanks for the info. This is helpful

Thanks for the valuable info. Looking forward to the next report!!

Thanks for the useful report

Covid impact is noticeable.

traffic volume has increased , frequent releases to add more features.

This is consistent with what I am seeing in my operations. Great report!

Always interested to see what trends others observe. The burnout findings are worrisome, as much, if not more than the others, because that will directly impact everything.