Terraform Pagerduty Membership


I have got a query with respect to the team membership
The team membership object does not exists in the GUI and when working with PD terraform it seems like it binds userid and teamsid.

  1. Does this team membership created in the backend when we associate the userid with the teamsid in the GUI ?
  2. I m planning to import an exisiting team membership object to terraform how can I find its API ?



Please can I get a bit more clarification on this. When you say the team membership object does not exists in the GUI, what exactly do you mean?

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@chiedu, I am unable to find the pagerduty team membership option on the Pagerduty UI, but in terraform this team membership resource exists, can you help me find this resource on the UI ?


The Teams feature as an option is dependent on the subscription plan you are subscribed to. If you are on the Business or Digital Operations plans, it should be accessible; except you are on the Professional Plan?
I can’t find an account associated with your email address to ascertain this.

If you can confirm your actual user email address or the subdomain, I can help in that regard. You will find more details on the Team’s feature here.

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