Terraform pagerduty_extension Teams Integration

Is there an example for creating a Terraform resource for a pagerduty_extension for Teams Integration? Only examples I can find are associated to generic webhooks.


Hi, Luke!

I’m afraid we do not currently have the ability to set up MS Teams via the API or manage the extension in Terraform. For now, setting up the extension manually in the UI will be the way to go.

Hi, I also want to have this feature. Is it in the roadmap?


Manually setting it up is not a good way to go. We’ll probably have a larger number of services, which correspond to “items” on Azure (eg. virtual machine CPU usage, database sizes, logs).

Are there any workarounds?

Is it on the roadmap - it’s now 1 year after Luke has posted this.

We have about 30 services and it is frustrating that we need to manage Teams integration manually :frowning:

If you implement it in your API - I will try to contribute to PD terraform package. We really miss this feature