Technical Product Manager, PagerDuty

Hi, I’m Andrew and I’ve been using PagerDuty for over five years. Currently, I’m working as a Technical Product Manager working directly with PagerDuty onboarding. I’m looking forward to helping the community if I can and to getting help from others here when I need help myself.

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Welcome to the community Andrew! Everyone is very helpful and there are some knowledgeable folks that can assist with your questions throughout the course of your PagerDuty adventure.

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Thank you Steven C! Here is is my first question.: How can I complete the “Fancy seeing you here!” Challenge? I thought this post would do it, but the challenge still looks to be incomplete. Thank you!

Oddly enough, that challenge is still outstanding for me as well. I am not 100% certain on this, but I think it was part of the PagerDuty Summit 2020 challenges for setting up a profile in the community and making an introduction during one of the sessions.

@alexa May be able to assist with the question.

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I have also connected to social media, but do not see that I have the badges for “LinkedUp!”, “Facebook Friend” or “Twitter Posse”. Does anyone know the right place to report this?

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