System Voume Override not working (Samsung Firmware)


As per the title when I have PD set to “System Volume Override” and perform a test the notification (call) comes through without any volume (I have my phone set to silent all the time).

I have gone over some old posts from back in March 2020 where the same issue was evident and the issue was meant to be resolved in version 5.92. I am on version 6.25 (10764) and the issue is still occurring, my handset is a Huawei P30 Pro (Android Version 10).

Anyone have a solution for this or a work around?


Hi Paul,

We have some information regarding Override for System Volume available here: Is your PagerDuty app under a Work Profile? There is a limitation from Android regarding Overriding Do Not Disturb, and System Volume when your profile is under a Work Profile.

If you are still having issues with override after taking a look at this information, reach out to and we can have our team take a look.


Abbott Brannon
Technical Support Specialist