Sync On call schedules from Pager Duty to MS Teams Shifts

Hi all. Currently our on call uses MS Teams Shifts and a list of phone numbers as our on call calendar. We have 3 of our on call teams using Pager Duty however the remainder of our teams are hesitant to start adopting PD and one of the reasons is having to maintain 2 calendars, one in Pager Duty, one in MS Teams shifts. Currently also, all our on call pay calculations are done through MS Teams.

I’d like to ask if there is any easy way or any plans to sync on call schedules with MS Teams Shifts as this would remove this issue and allow non pager duty users to easily see who is on call for a team.

No plans that I’m aware of so let’s explore what may be possible using available REST APIs. What’s available on the MS Teams Shifts side in terms available APIs?