Suppressing P2 incidents from SN > PD

We have went round and round with our SN development team and they cannot seem to setup SN to only send P1’s through to PD. We were told that the work around would be to create an event rule that suppresses these incidents, but I do not think this can work since AFAIK SN does not send alerts, but only created incidents directly. Can anyone here provide some insight for me?

Hi @Joshua,

The priority of the Incident that triggers an Incident in PagerDuty can be configured using the Business Rules in Servicenow. There are more details about that here.


Right, but I don’t want P2’s being sent from SN to create incidents in PD. By default, SN sends PD all P2’s as well as P1’s. My problem is how to stop P2 incidents from being created in PD, or suppress them if they must be created.

Hey Joshua,

The business rules are your best bet!

Within ServiceNow, go to Configuration Files (under PagerDuty) > Business Rules > PD Trigger PagerDuty Incident.

By default, the out of the box condition indicates the Priority is one of "1 - Critical", "2 - High" along with various other filter conditions.

You will want to adjust the Priority and any other condition from the default options in the business rule PD Trigger PagerDuty Incident.

Thank you! Maybe this should be included in the integration guide (and bold face and triple sized!!!). Much thanks!