Suppress incident action rule in Service orchestration is still sending notification

My incident message looks as follows. How should I specify the condition so that I can suppress the sending/notification of the alert? I’m still getting the text and app notification. Is my condition specified syntactically wrong.
See second shot, as to how i have done it which doesn’t seem to be working. i.e. an incident and alert gets created which is fine but it doesnt block the notification of it. It looks like it is going to default.
To provide bit more context. This is a service integration into an external app which triggers the incident creation.
Thank you! Regards

Hi Suresh,

Can you ensure that you have selected to use the Service Orchestration on the service you are receiving these events on? Your information does look correct here.

If you’d like to send our support team more information, we can assist you with troubleshooting. Our email is:


Thanks @abbott i sent the email to support. Sorry just saw this today.