Support for Slack Deeplinks to be recognized as Hyperlinks in Incident Notes


We’re working on an integration where, when we receive an incident, we automatically append a deeplink to the notes which links back to our slack instance so that someone who is in the PD app / UI can just quickly hop into the right channel to talk about the issue.

Currently, while “normal” links like will render properly, links like slack:// will not, they just show up as plain text.

Is there any plan to support this, or some way to decorate the text to get it to render as a clickable hyperlink?

Thank you

Hi Sean! I’m afraid we do not have a way to support rendering links without a domain name to a clickable hyperlink in the incident notes. I went ahead and passed your feedback along to our Product team as a feature request for this functionality. We appreciate your feedback!

Hey Nadine! That’s unfortunate, but I appreciate you passing the feedback to the product team.