Support different 12/24 hour clock, date formats and start of week

I know this is created in the USA, but for those of us not living there, we have different setups for time/date format. Where I live, we use 24 hour clock, we start the week on Monday, and date format is Other countries have different setup.

It really should be possible to configure this also on the web site. It makes it much easier to set up schedules when you don’t have to convert everything…


Hello Harald,

Thanks for your feedback! We have share this with our product team and let them know what you’re looking for. If you have any suggestions of how you’d like us to improve your overall experience with Pagerduty, do let us know.


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I’d like to +1 this issue.

To give a specific example, the schedules page (/schedules) uses American MM/DD format, as opposed to DD/MM (rest of the world):


It would be great to make this adjustable.

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Hello. We’re a UK customer on the new EU instance. We too are finding it somewhat difficult due to the American date format being used everywhere and being unable to change it to UK format.

+1 for prioritising this fix.

Can’t stand the American date format in the schedule graphs.

Would love 24h clock and non-american date format

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+1. The US date and times are incredibly confusing for me.

Please add this feature, it is very confusing for the rest of the world.

Being forced to use american time formats introduces an unnecessary overhead when working with incidents.

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Any news about this?

Came to this thread after furiously clicking through the site trying to find the date/time format settings for PagerDuty. It’s incredible that it isn’t there, and very disappointing that, almost a year after being made aware of this omission, this essential setting still isn’t there.

Actually it’s been longer than that.

+1 for the feature request.

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I also voted for it by “liking” the first post. I don’t know if it’s the right way to do it.

And I could not find any way to know the most voted features.

Yes, one would expect a scheduling application having the option to pick the presentation date/time format. (Seems like such an easy fix too, if using regular datetime libs.)