Still unable to customize messages sent via Slack connections

I found several posts about this with the “we don’t support it now but we will consider it as a feature request” dating back a couple years. Just wanted to bump the request.

I’m using Prometheus Alertmanager to send notifications re: high criticality alerts to Slack directly and PagerDuty, then PagerDuty’s Slack Integration “Connections” to send a 2nd message to Slack. This allows responders to stay in Slack to do everything. The PagerDuty->Slack connection allows for interactivity in ack’ing and resolving a page directly from Slack, and the initial message from Alertmanager->Slack allows us to cram a lot of extra info into the message. I’d really like to only have to send one Slack message, and just go Alertmanager -> PD -> Slack. However, the message coming from PD is not customizable. Users can only see arbitrary incident information related to the incident if they click through from the Slack message into the PD incident in the web console.

Are there any plans to add this functionality at this point?

Hello David,

Thanks for reaching out on our community space. At this point we do not support customising the messaging on Slack, sorry to disappoint! We are aware this is a popular feature request and all of these details have been passed to our product team.