Status Dashboard Latest Status Update missing

When an incident is live and of high priority, normally there is an Incident window on the Status Dashboard with some details about the Last Status Update, etc.
When I post the following string in a status update on an incident, that Incident Window is not to be found anymore. Not sure why?

OK, I found out why. When clicking on an incident from the status-dashboard page, it opens up an incident status page. From there you can click the Business Services link at top and that does not bring you back to the status-dashboard page as you would think it should, but instead brings you to the general Business Services configuration page. Both page are quite similar and it is not clear for the end user that it is the case. I have 30 years of exp. in Software and I was confused. You can image when my stakeholders will do the same. They might end up thinking that it is not worth using this feature!

So to recap, not a real bug, but in my opinion a design flag. I don’t think we need to get to the configuration page from the Status dashboard.

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So just to be clear: if you click on the incident title on the incident card, it goes to the incident status page. The breadcrumb to go back goes to the status dashboard.
If you click the name of a business service on the incident card, it goes to the business service details page. The breadcrumb on that page goes back to the business services list.

Users with the “Limited Stakeholder” access level are not able to link out to the “business service details” page at all, so this could be a good permission level for the stakeholders.