SSO not working from Chromium Edge

I can’t seem to login to Pagerduty from Chromium Edge. I can get in via Chrome or Firefox, just not Edge. Edge is my daily driver and I do all my work in it. Would hate to have to open up FF just for this site. Please let me know what information I can provide that would be helpful.

Neil Underwood

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Hi Neil,

Thanks for your question. Sorry to hear about these issues! My name is Ryan and I am part of the PagerDuty Technical Support team.

Could you please let me know what SSO you are using, and if it is returning any errors of note? Any screenshots you could provide of the behavior would be helpful!

Was this something that used to work and now does not, or has logging in via Edge always been an issue? As a first step, I would also recommend clearing out cookies and cache from your browser to see if that helps.

If it’s easier to take this directly to email, feel free to write us at, if not you can reply with the details and any photos here.


Ryan Viera
Technical Support Specialist