Spotify Wrapped '23: What's been in your ears this year? Please don't say alerts! 😂

While we anxiously await Backstage Wrapped 2023, Spotify dropped its traditional and long-awaited (speaking for myself, I love this day) annual retrospective!

Of course, I already reposted on my social media my ranking of the songs, artists and podcasts that were part of my daily basis in 2023 and I thought it would be fun to share it with you too!

Did you know❓

The Unplanned Show is now also on Spotify

Did you know:question:

PagerDuty is now on the Spotify Marketplace for Backstage. PagerDuty’s Dev Advocate @tiago.barbosa Barbosa and Meg Watson from Backstage talked about it in The Unplanned Show, watch here

:thought_balloon: What has been playing in your ears as you work, work out or drive in 2023? I’m a huge podcast person, so I’d love for you to recommend interesting shows that you find interesting! Share in the comments! :point_down:


If you say alerts were a big part of your year, I bet you have a favorite PagerDuty ringtone. Software Engineer Elora Burns, who’s been in PagerDuty for 9 years and also turns out to be the creator of PD’s custom app ringtones, tells the amusing story of the birth of the famous barbershop ringtones in the special 100th Page it to the Limit Podcast! Listen here (timestamp: 21min30sec).

My Wrapped was full of the music I use for bedtime with my nibling. :laughing:

But I did get Vampire :sparkles::night_with_stars:

Which I quite enjoyed. :smiley: Now I’ve learned I can exclude the bedtime playlist so we’ll see what next year looks like!