Splunk pagerduty incident find payload

I am currently using splunk for 5 years and I have a lot of alerts.
We want use pagerduty.
But it’s to difficult to transform actual alert splunk to create incident on pagerduty with the good service, severity or Intelligency filters.
I would like add payload information in the alert part of splunk :

  • summary
  • severity
  • component
  • group

I can not update the title of my alert due to the usage of the same alert for another product.
Also some of my alerts are run for different teams and the alert name in splunk is not dynamic.
I would like make my own summary for PagerDuty.
Do you work on a solution to my problem and if not, can you give me (if exists) the link to your code “pagerDuty incident” for splunk on Git to add some fields in the alert action pagerduty ?