SolarWind Orion Integration

Hello! I’m currently evaluating PagerDuty. I’m trying to setup our SolarWinds Orion environment. I’ve followed the integration guide (listed below). The setup seemed easy and I had no issues. However, I am not receiving the alerts. When trying to simulate the alert in Solarwinds I get the error “Failed to execute HTTP request”.

I’ve verified my request_key is correct. I’ve taken out the variables and hardcoded but still get the same error. This is using the PagerDuty created “example alerts”.

Guide I’ve been following: SolarWinds Orion Integration Guide | PagerDuty

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

There have been reports that the sample alerts may get corrupted somehow during import into Orion. I’d suggest to create a new alert action from scratch, using our samples as a guide.

Come to find out, our Security Engineer had our SolarWinds server locked down preventing everything from going out. We opened port 443 to and now everything is working. Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for the update!