SolarWind Orion Integration

Hello! I’m currently evaluating PagerDuty. I’m trying to setup our SolarWinds Orion environment. I’ve followed the integration guide (listed below). The setup seemed easy and I had no issues. However, I am not receiving the alerts. When trying to simulate the alert in Solarwinds I get the error “Failed to execute HTTP request”.

I’ve verified my request_key is correct. I’ve taken out the variables and hardcoded but still get the same error. This is using the PagerDuty created “example alerts”.

Guide I’ve been following: SolarWinds Orion Integration Guide | PagerDuty

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

There have been reports that the sample alerts may get corrupted somehow during import into Orion. I’d suggest to create a new alert action from scratch, using our samples as a guide.

Come to find out, our Security Engineer had our SolarWinds server locked down preventing everything from going out. We opened port 443 to and now everything is working. Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for the update!

Is anyone able to confirm if it only supports integration with Object Type == Nodes? So for example Virtual Machine object types won’t work as per step 5 on following guide?

A VM would be considered a node in solarwinds. Any endpoint is considered a node. I am alerting on networking equipment and VMs without issues.

I know this is a very old thread, but it came up when I was about to post my own new one, so I thought I’d simply reply here. We’re also setting up a Solarwinds Orion integration with pagerduty, and the Guide that Tyler linked in the original post seems to be outdated - the interface in the screenshots and the instructions doesn’t match what I’m seeing on our Orion server.

I’m getting to Step 3, where I click on Add Custom Properties, but then there’s nowhere to select Nodes and no “Next” button. If I click “Save and Assign Values”, it just takes me to a table of IP addresses, and PDIntegrationKey is a header in that table. I believe the IPs are those of all the devices that Orion has discovered and is monitoring, but there’s no way in that screen to enter my key or assign the IPs to the new custom property. Feels weirdly convoluted.

I’m sure I’m just missing something obvious and this can be chalked up to being completely new to Orion, but if anyone can point to what I’m missing, I would reeeaaally appreciate it.

Hello Katie,

I would suggest the following:

Check the “Create a drop-down list of values for this property” and that way the PD key will be made as a drop down selection for the property.

Also, After clicking “Save and Assign Values”, you should be presented with a list of all nodes. Some of my nodes are listed was just IPs but most nodes are listed with a caption name. Make sure you don’t have the list filtered in any way.

Note: you can also apply the custom property by clicking “Settings” -> “Manage Nodes”. Select what nodes you want to edit and then hit “Edit Properties”. From there you can edit anything about the node, including the new custom property.

Thank you, I’ll give that a shot - but where do I actually enter the key provided in the Pagerduty interface? I’m not seeing a place for that.

You should do what I already suggested, which is to check the “Create a drop-down list” option. After you do that, you can add the “value” which would be your key, provided by PagerDuty.

Note: If you choose NOT to do the drop-down option, it would just be a regular text field attribute on the node. You would have to manually copy the PD key each time, it wouldn’t be fun. The Drop-Down option saves the PD key as a selectable option.

Thank you so much! Sorry, when I replied the first time I wasn’t in front of my computer to actually do it, but I really appreciate your help! You’re a lifesaver. I think I’m good to go now.

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